This very large parish originally included Henley-in-Arden; the village is just one and a half miles south of Henley on the main road from Birmingham to Stratford. This 'farm by the wood' was founded in A.D. 723 by Ethelric. The church is very fine with interesting Saxon work within. There are many old houses carefully renovated in a mixture of styles. Wootton Hall, now converted into flats and containing the village Post Office was the home of Lady Fitzherbert who secretly married the Prince Regent in 1785, he later became George IV.

The following were hamlets within the parish: Aspley, Botley, Edstone, Mockley, Ullenhall and Wavensmore.

DIOCESE: Worcester. HUNDRED: Barlichway. UNION: Stratford

ADJOINING PARISHES: Henley-In-Arden, Beaudesert, Preston Bagot, Claverdon, Wolverton, Snitterfield, Bearley, Aston Cantlow, Great Alne and the Worcestershire parish of Oldberrow.

Parish Registers: Christenings: 1546-1964 Marriages: 1546-1993 Burials: 1546-1979 Banns 1823-1844.

Bishop's Transcripts : 1608-1812 includes Henley-in-Arden and Ullenhall 1813-1837 WOR

IGI: Christenings: 1546-1700 & 1813-1885, Marriages: 1546-1700 & 1754-1895 also Roman Catholic Church Christenings: 1765-1819, Marriages: 1786-1808. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: CM Burials: 1546-1700 printed in Wootton Wawen, Its History and Records. WAR , SoG Christenings: 1545-1641 1653-1699 Marriages: 1545-1601 & 1654-1699 Burials: 1545-1621 & 1654-1699 WAR
CMB 1608-1697 BIR Christenings: 1873-1964 Marriages: 1875-1920 Burials: 1869-1979 Banns 1823-1844 COV

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2.

Christenings: 1765-1851 Marriages: 1786-1808 Burials: 1667-1891 M Christenings: 1779-1804 WAR

Christenings: 1765-1819 Marriages: 1786-1809 SoG

Heraldic monuments recorded by Bloom, Roman Catholic, Our Lady and St.Benedict Parish churchyard, STR
Our Lady and St. Benedict R.C. BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


1851 BIR
1851 BMSGH SI v.11 SoG , BIR
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837
Marriage 1546-1643 & 1800-1837.(with early Ullenhall Chapel)
Poor Law c1690-1860

Deeds, correspondence, rentals etc 13th-18th century, King's College estate.
Abatement of rent to tenants of King's College, Cambridge 1452-1455.
Mockley Court Rolls 1564/5-1699 (gaps).
Rentals 1604-1614.
Extracts from Court Rolls (Botley) 1814. WAR

DEEDS: 1200s-1650 in Archer collection, STR
Various deeds at WAR

OTHER SOURCES: Carrington family, plan of estate, common field book etc. 1676 and 1736.
Fieldhouse family, deeds, papers etc. 17th to 20th centuries.
Volume of notes, probably by Fr.M.Morrall, Roman Catholic Priest of Wootton Wawen, about the Morrall or Morrell family of Warwickshire and elsewhere.
Reminiscences of Wootton Wawen and Neighbourhood c1906.
Wootton Wawen, Its History and Records including the parish registers 1546-1700, W.Cooper, 1946.
The History of Ullenhall, Rev.T.H.Evans 1959.
The 'Old Rude Plan' of Wootton Wawen, War.Hist. Vol.2 No.5.
Wootton Wawen churchyard, Interim report on excavations and plan, West Midlands Archaeological News-sheet No.17 1974.
Parish Magazines 1877-1885.
W.I. Scrapbook 1965.
Ward collection drawings.
Gleanings from history etc, see Beaudesert.

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