ADLHS - Alcester and District Local History Society (...after Monumental Inscriptions indicates that the survey was carried out by that society)

AHBIR - Archbishop's House, Birmingham

B - Burials

BCP - (1881) British Census Project

BIR - Birmingham Central Library (Local Studies Dept and Birmingham Record Office)

BMI - Birmingham and Midland Institute

BMSGH - Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry

BMSGH (LL) - BMSGH Lending Library. (members only)

BMSGH m/fiche - Published on microfiche: for sale and accessible at specific respositories.

BMSGH (Pbn) - BMSGH Publication: for sale only unless viewed at specific repositories


BMSGH (RL) - BMSGH Reference Library: books and microfiche on open access in Kingsley-Norris Room. Members only.

BMSGH (SI.v.) - BMSGH (Census) Surname Index vol. (published)

BOYD MISC - Boyd's Marriage Index, Miscellaneous Series (available at library of SoG)

BRL* - Birmingham Reference Library

BRS - British Record Society

B.Ts - Bishop's Transcripts.

c - circa

C - Christenings (for Baptist records it refers to adult baptisms.)

CamGp - Cambridge Group for Population Studies

CARN - County Archive Research Network

CCL* - Coventry Central Library

C, M & R - Catholic Missions and Registers 1700-1880 A six volume guide to the wherabouts of Catholic Missions in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the places where surviving registers were deposited at the time of publication in 1993. Volume 2 relates to "The Midlands and East Anglia"

COV - Coventry Local Studies Library or Coventry City Record Office

CRO - County Record Office

CRO* - Coventry City Record Office

CvRO* - Coventry Record Office

DBY - Derbyshire

DRO - Diocesan Record Office

FFHS - Federation of Family History Societies

FHC - Family History Centre

FHS - Family History Society

FMH - Friends Meeting House

FHN&D - Family History News and Digest (Journal of the FFHS)

FTM - Family Tree Magazine

Gen.Mag. - Genealogists' Magazine

GG - Gibson Guide

GHL - Guildhall Library

GLO - Gloucestershire Record Office

GRO - General Register Office

IGI - International Genealogical Index

IHGS - Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (see also also Pallot Index)

IRC - International Reply Coupon

LIC - Lichfield Joint Record Office

LSL* - Leamington Spa Library

M - Marriages

mf - Microfilm

m/fiche - Microfiche

MIs - Monumental Inscriptions

ML - Marriage Licence

Ms./MS - Manuscript

n.d. - Not dated

NIPR - National Index of Parish Registers

NTH - Northampton

NUN - Nuneaton Public Library

OXF - Oxfordshire

P - Parishes

Pallot - Marriage and baptismal index owned by IHGS

PHIL - Phillimore's Printed Marriages (Number refers to volume number in the County Series).

pp. - Pages

PRO - Public Record Office

PRS - Parish Register Series

Q.S. - Quarter Sessions

S - Some

RO - Record Office

ROB* - Copies previously held by Mrs B. Robinson, now BMSGH.

ROE - Roe's Gloucestershire Marriage Index (in GLO/CRO)

RpL* - Rugby (East Divisional) Library

RR - Relative Reflections: Census Index

RUG - Rugby Public Library

sae - stamped, addressed envelope (or overseas:self-addressed envelope)

SBT* - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

SLC - The Library of the Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

S of F - Society of Friends (Quakers)

SoG - Society of Genealogists

SOL - Solihull Central Library

SS - Search Service: fee paying. BMSGH or Independant.

STR - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

STS - Staffordshire

SUT - Sutton Coldfield Library, Local Studies Service

TBAS - Transactions of The Birmingham Archaeological Society

TBMIAS - Transactions of Birmingham and Midland Institute Archaeological Society

TMA - The Midland Ancestor (originally The Journal of the BMSGH).

Ts./TS - Typescript/Transcript

Vol. - Volume

WAR - Warwickshire County Record Office

War. Hist. - Warwickshire History (magazine)

WL* - Warwick Library

WOR - Hereford and Worcester County Record Offices

WRO* - Warwickshire [County] Record Office

WWM - Warwickshire and Worcester Magazine

Y - Years

Z - Births (found in Nonconformist records especially).

+ - Onwards (usually after 1900)

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