The county town, made up of two early parishes, is centrally situated within the county. The fine tower of St.Mary's was rebuilt after the great fire of 1694. The Beauchamp Chapel within the church has some magnificent tombs; the central monument is that of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, friend of Henry V who appointed him guardian and instructor to his son, who fought in the French Wars. He was made Lieutenant-General of the whole realm of France and the Duchy of Normandy, and died in Rouen in 1439. Before the High Altar in the church itself is a great alabaster monument of Thomas Beauchamp; he fought in all the French wars of Edward III, commanded at Crecy, was guardian of the Black Prince, fought at Poitiers (1356) and at the Siege of Calais where he died of plague in 1369. Warwick Castle which is very imposing, is the oldest inhabited castle in continuous occupation in the country. It is open to the public. The Lord Leycester Hospital was founded in 1571 and can also be visited. Warwick School, now a Public School, is said to have been in continuous existence since before the Norman Conquest. The Warwick Castle archives were purchased by the County c1980, financed by a special appeal to the public, and are now in the keeping of the Warwickshire County Record Office.

Hamlets are Emscote, Guys Cliff, Leafield, Longbridge, Myton and Saltisford.

DIOCESE: Worcester. HUNDRED: Knightlow. UNION: Warwick

ADJOINING PARISHES: Leek Wootton, Leamington Priors (Spa), Whitnash, Bishop's Tachbrook, Barford, Sherbo(u)rne with Fulbrook, Budbrooke.

Parish Registers: St.Mary Christenings: 1611-1974 Marriages: 1611-1968 Burials: 1611-1992 Banns 1754-1899, 1939-1952, 1960-1969.
St.Nicholas Christenings: 1539-1967 Marriages: 1539-1964 Burials: 1539-1986.
St.Paul Christenings: 1849-1919 Marriages: 1849-1953 Burials: 1849-1899.
All Saints (Emscote) Christenings: 1861-1967 Marriages: 1861-1990 Burials: 1873-1987.

Bishop's Transcripts : All Saints Begin 1874 WOR
St.Mary Begin 1611 WOR
St.Nicholas Begin 1612 WOR
St.Paul Begin 1874 WOR

IGI: All Saints Christenings: 1872-1885, Marriages: 1874-1895
St.Mary Christenings: 1782-1808 & 1813-1885, Marriages: 1754-1782 & 1792-1895
St.Nicholas Christenings: 1813-1861 & 1874-1885, Marriages: 1861-1895
St.Paul Christenings: 1874-1885, Marriages: 1875-1895
Brooke St.Chapel Christenings: 1784-1837
High Street Presbyterian or Unitarian Christenings: 1790-1837
Emscote Christenings: 1872-1875 Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: All Saints (Emscote) Christenings: 1861-1872 Marriages: 1861-1875 Burials: 1873-1876 COV
Christenings: 1872-1876 SoG
St.Mary CM Burials: 1611-1639 SoG
Marriages: 1782-1791 COV
St.Nicholas Christenings: 1695-1861 Marriages: 1695-1802 (gap) Burials: 1652-1811 SoG
Christenings: 1539-1589 Burials: 1578-1599 WAR

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2
Quaker: see Source Material:
High Street Burials: 1660-1879 WAR , WOR , Z 1623-1837 Marriages: 1648-1837 Burials: 1837-1861 WOR
Baptist: Castle Hill, Z 1796-1818 M Christenings: 1697-1834, 1857-1947 WAR
Congregational/Independent: Brook Street, Z 1784-1837 PRO , COV , Z 1784-1889,1908-1974 Marriages: 1839-1889,1908-1980 Burials: 1806-1884,1908-1974 M Christenings: 1800-1806,1858-1974 WAR
Congregational: Emscote Chapel: Z 1882-1886 Burials: 1888-1889 WAR
Methodist: Northgate Street, Z 1806-1826,1863-1905 Marriages: 1837-1861 WAR
Presbyterian/Unitarian: High Street, Z 1790-1837 PRO , WAR , COV , Z 1847-1960 Marriages: 1846-1931,1982 Burials: 1846-1960 WAR
The Baptists of Warwick 1640-1955, Rev.W.T.Goodwin.
Historical sketch of the Baptist Church, Back Hills, Warwick c1850.

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: St.Mary Plans of church and graveyard with graves identified 1884 WAR
Church and Yard to 1812 STR .
St.Nicholas Church and Yard WAR
Church & Yard to 1812 STR .
Survey 1975 with additional biographical notes in some cases WAR
Quaker, List of burials in graveyard 1660-1879 WAR
St. Paul BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


1811,1821,1831 St.Mary Householders named with household numbers WAR
1831 St.Nicholas Householders named with household numbers WAR
1851 St Mary (Part 1) vXI (RR) , SoG
1851 St.Mary (Part 2) vXIV (RR) , SoG
1851 St.Mary BIR
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial (St.Mary) 1805-1837 (St.Nicholas) 1813-1837
Marriage (St.Mary) 1754-1761, 1800-1830 & 1834-1837 (St.Nicholas) 1754-1812
Poor Law (incomplete)
Pre-1841 census St.Nicholas
Pre-1841 census St.Mary
Warwick Advertiser Births,Marriages and Deaths 1806-1832. Deaths and Marriages cover a wide area, not only in the Midlands but from further afield. Births (selective confined to Gentry)

MANORIAL RECORDS: 1315/16, 1571-1576 STR
Court Rolls, 1503/1504-1544 in Warwick Castle archives. WAR
Survey 1576 WAR

DEEDS: Deeds from 1381-1618 with names of parties under St.Nicholas parish.
Deeds and papers (Saltisford) 1786-1880.
Deeds 1715-1879, 1841-1951 (9 Emscote Rd), contain many names.
Solicitors' deposits, Borough deeds.

THE WARWICK CASTLE ARCHIVES: These are now in the keeping of Warwickshire CRO, and consist of over 25,000 documents, mainly deeds, manor court rolls,estate maps, accounts and letters of the Greville family and those who held the castle before them back to the 12th century. A few relate to distant properties, but most are concerned with the castle itself, the town of Warwick and estates in the Warwick and Alcester areas.

OTHER SOURCES: Baly and Pickard of Leamington and Warwick 1794-1888.
Beaufoy, Sir Thomas, Guy's Cliffe, 1618, 1628 (see also Meriden).
Bryan 1731-1796 Bullock 1731-1915.
Campbell, Brown & Ledbrook clients' papers relating to Warwick and elsewhere.
Chadwick 1818-1916.
Collins 1687-1765.
Dewes or Dewis of Bedworth and Warwick, birth/ marriage certificates 1871-1894.
Fenton, includes a number of probates 1872-1913.
Fisher, The book of John Fisher of Warwick 1545-1586.
Wills of Richard Fisher, gent., and Isabell Fisher his wife 1595.
Greathead and Percy families, Guy's Cliff, deeds and estate papers.
Greenway, Cattell and Wise families of Warwick.
Haynes of Warwick, deeds and related documents.
Heber, papers.
Kerslake 1854-1893.
Littlejohn of Knowle and Warwick 1869-1877.
Margetts of Warwick, papers 1815-1856.
News(h)am of Harbury and Warwick 1601-1879.
Nicks of Wootton Wawen and Warwick.
Parry, John, papers 1757-1791.
Percy of Guy's Cliff 1631-1879, relating to Warwickshire estates at Milverton, Leek, Wootton and Warwick.
Pickering family accounts c1620 (used as waste paper by Dugdale for making notes) Sanders, deeds etc 1818-1855.
Staunton of Longbridge papers.
Stiles family 1722-1838
Tibbits of Warwick, personal papers.
Tidmas and Nicks. Tomes 1823-1841.

Clients' papers deposited by Moore & Tibbits, very large collection mainly of Warwick.
Earl of Leicester's Hospital, many records from 1616.
Deeds and papers relating to St.Mary's former parish workhouse in the Saltisford 1759-1887.
Cycling, Oken Bicycle Club papers 1883-1885.

Churchwardens' Accounts of Parish of St.Nicholas 1547-1621. ed. R.Savage 1891/2.
Extracts from the Brief book of St.Mary's Warwick, ed. T.Kemp, 1892.
The Black Book of Warwick ed. by T.Kemp, 1898.
Historic Warwick, T.Kemp, 1899.
The Book of Warwick, J.Fisher ed. T.Kemp, 1900.
A History of Warwick and its People, 1905.
Thacker, In Memoriam, James Thacker, 1839-1907.
Broomhall, Brief history of Broomhall of Warwick, Barford, Birmingham and London, F.H.Broomhall, 1972.
The following have been published by The Dugdale Society:
Occasional Paper No.5 Ancient Records of Warwick, E.G.Tibbitts.
Occasional Paper No.10 The Borough of Warwick in the Middle Ages, H.A.Cronne, 1951.
Great Fire of Warwick 1694: Dugdale Society Vol.36. ed. by Michael Farr, 1992. SoG
Smith, Francis Smith of Warwick War.Hist. Vol.2 No.2.
Tory Political Influence in mid 19th century Warwick, War. Hist. Vol.3 No.6.
Chartism in Warwick and Leamington, War. Hist. Vol.4 No.1.
Strange Warwick Trades of the 18th century, Xerox copy of an article in The Warwick Advertiser, 22nd Sept.1928.
Parish magazines (All Saints, Emscote) 1890-1914.
The New County Gaol, Warwick TMA Vol.6 No.2 Sep.1981.
2nd Earl of Warwick's memoirs of his affairs 1804 BIR
Ministers's Accounts of the Collegiate Church of St.Mary, Warwick, ed.D.Styles, BMSGH(LL)
Ferrers, see Baddesley Clinton
Cooke, Roberts and Daniels, see Alcester
Kemp family, see Claverdon

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