This town is about eleven miles south east of Coventry. There are large engineering and railway works there. The famous Public School was the setting of the novel by Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown's Schooldays. The original school was a timber-framed building near the market place and was founded by Lawrence Sheriff, a prosperous London grocer who was born in Rugby. He provided for the founding of the school in his will, he died in 1567. The restored parish church has a fourteenth century tower. Rupert Brooke, the poet, was also born in Rugby, in 1887.

DIOCESE: Lichfield. HUNDRED: Knightlow. UNION: Rugby

ADJOINING PARISHES: Newbold-on-Avon, Brownsover, Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, Hillmorton, Bilton.

Parish Registers: Holy Trinity Christenings: 1854-1974 Marriages: 1875-1974.
St.Andrew Christenings: 1621-1940 Marriages: 1621-1976 Burials: 1621-1950 (Burials 1754-1814 in Marriage register) Banns 1754-1814.
St.George Marriages: 1941-1969.
St. John Christenings: 1911-1991 Marriages: 1939-1984.
St.Matthew Christenings: 1841-1954 Marriages: 1868-1948 Burials: 1842.
St.Peter Christenings: 1901-1992 Marriages: 1909-1968.
St.Philip Christenings: 1914-1941 Marriages: 1915-1958.

Bishop's Transcripts : St.Andrew 1662-1847 LIC Begin c1833 WOR
St.Matthew Begin c1840 WOR

IGI: St.Andrew Christenings: 1739-1885, Marriages: 1739-1895
Holy Trinity Christenings: 1854-1885, Marriages: 1875-1895
St.Matthew Christenings: 1841-1885,

Marriages: 1868-1895 also Wesleyan Chapel Christenings: 1813-1837. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: St.Andrew C Burials: 1755-1815 Marriages: 1754-1876 SoG
CM Burials: 1620-1812 RUG
CMB 1741-1815 The majority of these entries were made during the clerkships of John and Peter Collis. WAR

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2
Baptist: Gas Street Z 1801-1867 M Christenings: 1808-1867.
Congregational: Albert Street Z 1865-1934 Marriages: 1868-1906 M Christenings: 1865-1926.
Methodist: Cambridge Street Marriages: 1900-1983.
Methodist: Market Place Z 1815-1837 Marriages: 1899-1981.
Methodist; Railway Terrace Marriages: 1915-1962.
Methodist Daventry Circuit: Z 1813-1837 PRO , COV

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: St. Matthew, St.Andrew and St.Oswald BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR
Rugby Croop Hill Cemetery BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR
Rugby St.Marie R.C. BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


1821 Householders named with household numbers RUG WAR , CamGp
1851 BIR Index to the 1851 census of Rugby compiled by L.P. Jarman 1878 SoG
St.Andrew, St.Matthew 1851 SoG
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837
CENSUS 1891 Surname and Personal details
Marriage (St.Andrews) 1754-1837
Poor Law c1690-1860
Pre-1841 census

DEEDS: Box of deeds 1624-1843, Deeds etc 1774-1874.

OTHER SOURCES: Finch 1822-1861.
The late Mrs Catherine Butlin of Rugby (an obituary) c1882.
Account book of Thomas Burbidge, general shop-keeper of Rugby 1768-1772 (Gives names of some 90 customers and details of purchases and prices over those years. Boys at the Public School are in this remarkable record).
George Collis (parish watchman in Rugby 19c), M.H.Bloxam.
Some account of Mr Richard Elborowe, founder of the Charity School and almshouses, Rugby, 1882, M.H.Bloxam.
Rugby past and present with an historical account of neighbouring parishes, Rev.W.O.Wait, 1893
The history of the town and school of Rugby, E.Pretty.
Rugby Parish Records, L.Jarman, (a detailed study of the contents of the registers, with an interesting analysis of the literacy of those married from 1754-1837, list of incumbents with dates, number of entries CMB 1621-1837 and details of Rugby's population 1563-1961)
The Local History Group produced three publications of use to the family historian:
(1) Rugby, Aspects of the Past (includes an account of banking in Rugby which covers the family histories of the Butlins and Benns);
(2) Rugby, Further Aspects of the Past (it has a genealogical tree of the Benn family);
(3) Rugby as it was.
Dugdale Occasional Paper No.19:
Rugby Junction, J.Simmons, 1969. Rugby,
The School and Neighbourhood, M.H.Bloxam, 1889.
Rambles round Rugby, A. Rimmer, 1892.
Rugby Parish Magazine Jan-Dec 1879.
St.Andrews Parish Magazine 1873 to date,
St.Matthews Parish Magazine 1892-1896 (bound)

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