Nuneaton is a small town about eight miles north of Coventry. This was a thriving textile area and is on the edge of a coalfield. It is recorded as a small hamlet in the Domesday survey. It was the site of the Priory of St.Mary the Virgin, and the ruins remain. George Eliot, the novelist was born at nearby Arbury, Scenes of Clerical Life, feature the neighbourhood in her time, and Nuneaton is the 'Milby' of the novel. The book should be read by anyone interested in the area. Sir Roger Newdigate, who owned Griff Colliery on his estate, rebuilt Arbury Hall. Stockingford and Attleborough were within the parish.

DIOCESE: Lichfield. HUNDRED: Hemlingford. UNION: Nuneaton

ADJOINING PARISHES: Mancetter, Caldecote, Weddington, Hinckley (in Leicestershire), Stretton Baskerville, Bulkington, Chilvers Coton, Ansley.

Parish Registers: St.Nicholas Christenings: 1577-1955 Marriages: 1577-1980 Burials: 1577-1923.
St.Mary Christenings: 1879-1965 Marriages: 1878-1970 Burials: 1878-1964 Banns 1775-1857.
Galley Common Christenings: 1924-1949.M 1924-1963.
Stockingford Christenings: 1824-1950 Marriages: 1824-1960 Burials: 1824-1909.
Bishop's Transcripts : 1674-1852 LIC Begin c1833 WOR
Stockingford 1824-1844 LIC Begin c1858 WOR

IGI: Christenings: 1577-1885, Marriages: 1577-1895 and Z ion Independent Christenings: 1818-1836.
Stockingford Christenings: 1824-1885, Marriages: 1854-1895. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: St.Nicholas Christenings: 1577-1955 Marriages: 1577-1980 Burials: 1577-1923 Banns 1813-1857 & 1885-1985 NUN Marriages: 1840-1876 Burials: 1813-1860 COV
St.Mary Christenings: 1879-1965 Marriages: 1878-1970 B 1878-1964 Also Stockingford Christenings: 1824-1950 Marriages: 1824-1960 Burials: 1824-1909 Banns 1948-1963
Also Stockingford Galley Common Christenings: 1924-1949 Marriages: 1924-1963 Banns1940-1971 NUN CMB 1591-1812 WAR
Stockingford CMB 1824-1844 SoG Christenings: 1874-1903 Marriages: 1854-1900 Burials: 1878-1909 COV

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2
Quaker see Source Material
Baptist Attleborough: M Christenings: 1872-1881
Congregational/Independent Zion: Z 1818-1836 PRO , WAR , COV
Congregational Bond Street: Z 1897-1942 Marriages: 1897-1907 Burials: 1875-1901 M Christenings: 1868-1947
Methodist: Abbey Street Marriages: 1900-1962
Methodist Whittleford: Marriages: 1924-1980

Edward St.Methodist Church, Burial Ground, Coton Rd., 1839-1861 PRO
Stockingford St.Pauls STR
See also Burial Board records. Our Lady of the Angels R.C. BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR
Stockingford St.Paul BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


CENSUS RETURNS: All (inc.Stockingford) WAR , NUN , Index surnames 1841, Individuals 1851-1861, Streets and place names 1841-1871 NUN
1851 BIR
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS) ,

Burial 1813-1837
Marriage 1813-1837
Poor Law c1690-1860

1542-1543 (Stockingford) STR
1689-1691 (with Stockingford) BIR

DEEDS: Deeds (Stockingford) 1859-1890

OTHER SOURCES: Rental and survey of Sir Marmaduke Constable's estate at Nuneaton 1543/1644
Plan of estates of Francis Stratford 1738/1739.
Survey of lands granted to T.Thomson 1605/6.
Memoirs of Mr James Mallabone late of Nuneaton Fields, 1823.
Entries re Trotman family from parish registers 1662-1749.
There is a specialised study of the Landscape of extractive industry around Nuneaton in Macmillan's Landscapes of Britain series by Roy Millward and Adrian Robinson, 1971.
Notes on the History of Nuneaton, C.G.Gardner, 1958.
Nuneaton, WWM Nov 1965.
W.I. Scrapbook (Stockingford) 1965.
Report on the employment of children in the mines, see Bedworth.
Aston family: collection of documents (Jodrell papers) NUN
Craddock family: collection of solicitor's documents 1820-90 NUN

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