The village is near the Warwickshire-Oxfordshire border and about seven miles north west of Banbury. At nearby Edgehill was fought one of the important battles of the Civil War The scenery around adds to the attractiveness of the village. Field Marshall Earl Haig lived at Radway Grange before becoming Commander in Chief in Flanders in World War 1.

DIOCESE: Lichfield HUNDRED: Kington UNION: Banbury

ADJOINING PARISHES: Burton Dassett, Warmington, Ratley, Tysoe, Kineton.

Parish Registers: Christenings: 1605-1904 Marriages: 1605-1978 Burials: 1606-1963 Banns 1824-1948

Bishop's Transcripts : 1663-1836 LIC

IGI: Christenings: 1755-1885, Marriages: 1756-1895. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: CMB 1605-1701 Indexed WAR , SoG
Christenings: 1813-1877 Marriages: 1813-1837 Burials: 1813-1879 Banns 1823-1876 SoG
Christenings: 1605-1701 & 1813-1877 Marriages: 1605-1701 & 1813-1837 Burials: 1605-1701 & 1813-1879 Banns 1824-1876 COV

NONCONFORMIST: Quaker see Source Material

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: Church and Yard with plan showing position of graves in old churchyard WAR
Church and Yard STR Bloom, who did the survey, states 'The old churchyard is in a state of serious neglect. The stones are loose, leaning at all angles, and in many cases flaked from the constant damp of the uncut herbage'.
St.Peter BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837 Marriage 1611-1700 & 1756-1837


DEEDS: Deeds relating to 1573-1743

OTHER SOURCES: Plan of small area of parish showing fields belonging to Earl Temple and George Grenville c1760.
Miller of Radway, various papers, pedigrees etc from 18th century.
An Eighteenth Century Correspondence...to Sanderson Miller Esq., of Radway, ed. L.Dickens and M.Stanton 1910.
Sanderson Miller of Radway, Vol.4 No.6 ,Cake and Cockhorse, 1969.
Radway estate deeds, probates etc 1800-1911.
History of Radway, J.F.Hunt, L.Dickins and Others, (Warwickshire Village History Society) 1937.
Map 1756 in papers of Slatter, Son & Moore.
Parish Magazine
W.I. Scrapbook 1965.

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