The town virtually adjoins Warwick, Leamington being to the east. By the middle of the nineteenth century it had became a fashionable Spa. There are many Regency houses, and the spring in the Royal Pump Room is still in use. The manor belonged originally to Kenilworth Priory.

DIOCESE: Lichfield HUNDRED: Knightlow UNION: Warwick

ADJOINING PARISHES: Leek Wootton, Milverton, Lillington, Radford Semele, Whitnash, Warwick St.Nicholas.

HAMLETS: New Milverton and Newbold Comyn.

Parish Registers:
All Saints Christenings: 1618-1939 Marriages: 1618-1965 Burials: 1618-1923 Banns 1823-1930
Christ Church Christenings: 1926-1950.
Holy Trinity Christenings: 1899-1953 Marriages: 1900-1957.
St.Alban the Martyr Christenings: 1919-1964.
St.John the Baptist Christenings: 1875-1952 Marriages: 1878-1959 Burials: 1878-1969.
St.Luke, Holly Walk, Christenings: 1897-1943 Marriages: 1897-1922.
St.Mary Christenings: 1839-1973 Marriages: 1845-1974 Burials: 1899-1940 Banns 1845-1954
St.Paul Christenings: 1874-1950 Marriages: 1878-1957 WAR
Banns 1890-1928
The Good Shepherd Christenings: 1920-1933 Marriages: 1918-1933.
St.Mark, New Milverton Christenings: 1875-1978 Marriages: 1879-1979 Banns 1879-1972

Bishop's Transcripts : 1662-1842 LIC Begin c1858 WOR
St.Mary 1839-1844 LIC
St.Paul Begin c1873 WOR

IGI: Christenings: 1817-1842. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: All Saints Marriages: 1704-1812 PHIL 1
Christenings: 1618-1901 M Burials: 1618-1842.
Calvinist Chapel,Mill Street, Z 1784,1803,1815-1837 Christenings: 1820-1837 D1831-1837 SoG
Independent Chapel,Spencer Street Z Christenings: 1829-1837 SoG
St.Peter's RC Chapel Christenings: 1822-1836 Burials: 1876-1908 SoG
Marriages: 1704-1812 BOYD MISC , SoG CMB 1618-1812 WAR

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2.
St.Peter Christenings: 1822-1840 Marriages: 1839-1840 PRO , WAR , COV
Congregational: Clemens St. Z 1866-1897 Marriages: 1877-1898 M Christenings: 1866-1899 WAR
Congregational:Holly Walk Z 1853-1868 Marriages: 1854 M Christenings: 1842-1878 WAR
Congregational: Spencer Street Z 1828-1837 PRO , WAR , COV , Z 1865-1871,1880-1968,1981 Marriages: 1865-1869,1931-1939, 1974-1990 Burials: 1836-1871,1931-1935,1981 M Christenings: 1816-1963 WAR
Methodist: Spencer Street Z 1826-1828 WAR
Methodist Dale Street M Christenings: 1836-1858,1928-1952 WAR
Methodist Mill Street Z 1831-1837 Burials: 1831-1837 PRO , WAR , COV
Methodist Warwick Street: Z 1902-1918 Marriages: 1932-1962 M Christenings: 1909-1917 WAR
Methodist Trinity Church Z 1878-1935 Marriages: 1922-1953 WAR
Wesleyan Methodist Circuit: Z 1844-1937 WAR
Wesleyan Methodist Z 1832-1837 PRO , COV
Catholicism in Leamington past and present., J.R.Willington, 1906. Dale Street. A Tale of Two Worlds, (history of Dale Street Methodist Church), Rev.J.E.Noble, 1976.

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: All Saints Church and The Churches of Leamington Spa BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR


1851 BIR
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837
Pallot 1790-1812
Marriage 1704-1837

MANORIAL RECORDS: Transcripts and indexes 17th century.

DEEDS: A great many deeds may be found in the various deposits from solicitors. Willes estate, plans, deeds, papers etc 1803-1874.

OTHER SOURCES: James Bissett, Memoirs and Reminiscences 1818-1832.
Brierley, Printer's book of sample trade cards, bills, posters, 1843-1876.
Brookes family 1825-1903.
Buddle of Leamington Priors (Firm's papers) 1829-1840.
Papers and schedules of property of Carter 1864.
Cooke, Roberts and Daniels, see Alcester.
J.W.Green 1857-1942, woodcarver of Leamington, portfolios etc.
Deeds and papers of clients of Heath and Blenkinsop 13th-19th century, Warwick, Leamington and elsewhere.
Hill family 1865-1897.
Joseph Jennens, will and other papers 1873-1874.
Large and Major of Leamington, deeds, wills, settlements, records of the firm e.g. ledgers etc.1844-1910.
Milne and Jones families, photographs from 1853-1927.
Russell of Leamington 1802-1903.
Sanders 1500s, 1841.
Benjamin Satchwell. Boulton of Leamington.
Sumners, 1874-1902.
Stent, 19th century diary and family tree.
Waugh 1855-1881 Baly and Pritchard of Leamington and Warwick 1794-1884.
Wight 1880 7 personal account books and charity book.
Willes family of Newbold Comyn.
Williamson papers (Auctioneer).
Wise estate, plans 1774- 1863, also deeds, papers, etc. 1606-1930.

Conservative Association of Warwick and Leamington; minute book 1885-1959.
County Fire Office, Insurance Agents' register book 1837-1840.
Fee Farm rents 1686-1720.
Field Book: being a list of the ownership of portions of land 1666.
Fire Insurance, book of orders for policies 1877-1941.
Football Club Minute book 1892-1894.
Literary and Scientific Institute minutes 1846-1848.
Magistrates' Court Registers 1876-1922.
Provident Dispensary, deeds, minute book etc.19thc and minutes 1867-1927.
Society for the organisation of Charity, Record Books 1879-1916.
The Leamington School Board, Royal Leamington Spa, 1881-1903 J.H.Drew.
Various booklets on Leamington College.
Records of numerous other schools.
Many emigrants had assistance with their passage from the parish under the provisions of the 1834 Poor Law. The records, which are normally lists of emigrants giving occupations and destinations, are arranged by counties and
Poor Law Unions - PRO Class MH12. Under this scheme 7 emigrants from this parish went to Canada in 1845.
Notes, critical and otherwise on the past, present and future of Leamington, J.Gibbs, 1873.
The history of Leamington Priors from earliest records to 1842, R.Hopper, 1842.
A Concise History of St.Mary's Church and Parish, Leamington, E.M. Dartnell, 1930.
St.Paul's Parish Magazine 1881-1934 (with gaps). The following articles are in War.Hist.:
The Rise of Royal Leamington Spa (Vol.2 No.2); Aspects of Parish Administration in Leamington Priors (Vol.2 No.1); The Cholera Epidemic of 1849 in Leamington Spa and Warwick (Vol.2 No.4); The Social Life of Visitors to Leamington Spa in the early nineteenth century (Vol.3 Nos 1 and 2); A Pioneer Leamington Haulier (Vol.3 No.1); Chartism in Warwick and Leamington (Vol.4 No.1). The Motor Industry in Leamington, an introduction (Vol.4 Nos 1 and 3).
Royal Leamington Spa, article with drawings by Barry Charles, Warwickshire and Worcestershire Life Vol.XXII No.11 Jan 1976.
Royal Leamington Spa, A Century's Growth and Development, H.G.Clarke, 1947.
From Chaos to Charter, A History of Leamington Spa, T.B.Dudley 1901.
Leamington We Used To Know: Memories by members and friends of Leamington Literary Society.
Humphriss of Berkswell and Leamington 1816-1888 Willes family, collection of papers BIR
The Spa and its Children, Frances O'Shaugnessy, 1979. An account of endeavours to establish an educational system for working class children. BMSGH(LL)
(See article of same title in TMA Vol.5 No.8 p246):
Village into Town, Royal Leamington Spa, July 1980, Warks.County Library BMSGH(LL)
Leamington High School for Girls, Records and Recollections of 50 years - 1884-1934 BMSGH(LL) .

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