This is a small town situated five miles north of Warwick and a tourist attraction on account of the ruins of the great castle where Queen Elizabeth I was entertained at great cost by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester. The church, dating from Norman times has been much altered.

DIOCESE: Lichfield HUNDRED: Knightlow UNION: Warwick

ADJOINING PARISHES: Berkswell, Stoneleigh, Ashow, Leek Wootton, Budbrooke, Honiley, Balsall.

Parish Registers:
St.John Christenings: 1854-1976 Marriages: 1854-1986.
St.Nicholas Christenings: 1630-1979 Marriages: 1630-1977 Burials: 1630-1951.

Bishop's Transcripts : St.John Begin c1852 WOR
St.Nicholas 1676-1858 LIC Begin c1833 WOR

IGI: Christenings: 1742-1876, Marriages: 1740-1875 also Abbey Hill Congregational Christenings: 1831-1836 and Presbyterian or Unitarian Christenings: 1811-1832. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: 1630-1635 LIC Christenings: 1630-1876 Marriages: 1630-1653, 1754-1880

Burials: 1630-1684, 1715-1878
Abbey Hill Baptist Chapel Christenings: 1831-1836 SoG
St. John Christenings: 1854-1907 Marriages: 1854-1933 Banns 1892-1905 COV
St. Nicholas Marriages: 1873-1880 Burials: 1765-1878 COV

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2.

Christenings: 1831-1890 Burials: 1842-1927 M Christenings: 1845-1851.
Quaker: see Source Material
Congregational Church Z 1831-1836 PRO , WAR , COV
Presbyterian Z 1818-1832 PRO , WAR , COV
Unitarian Z 1863-1892 Marriages: 1863-1892 Burials: 1863-1892 WAR

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: (Register of graves 1843-1948 WAR )
St. Austin R.C. BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR
St.Nicholas BMSGH(LL) SoG


1851 BIR
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837
Marriage 1754-1837
Poor Law c1690-1860
Pre-1841 census

MANORIAL RECORDS: 1315-1498, 1478-1607 STR Duchy and Augmentation Manors, Extent 1591, Leek Wootton Court Book 1798-1824, Rental, suit roll etc. 1584-1618, Minutes, suit roll, rent rolls etc 1648-1860. Manor of Redfen and part of manor of Kenilworth, Survey and plan 1691. Survey 1581, Rental of Abbey Manor 1592 and Rentals 1750-1754, 1772-1782.

DEEDS: Deeds, 1704-1887

OTHER SOURCES: Boddington family papers 1742-1867.
Map of Mrs Judith Bird's property 1781.
Crew Farm, deeds, surveys and plans of Samuel Butler's property 1780.
Charities, William Edwards' papers.
Robbins of Kenilworth 1873-1887 documents.
Ryde Villiers, Earls of Clarendon, records of Kenilworth and Leek Wootton 1662-1842.
Kenilworth in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, H.Smith, 1821.
Kenilworth, past and present, J.T. Burgess, 1877.
Kenilworth, A Manor of the King, J.Drew, 1971.
The horn comb industry of Kenilworth, J.H.Drew, TBAS Vol.82 1967.
Messrs J.H. Clark & Sons of Kenilworth, War. Hist.Vol.3 No.4.
St.Nicholas Parish Magazine (43 vols.) 1878-1914.
Genealogical collections and photographs of Winstanley family of Crackley Hall 1828-1970 BIR

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