The original village was depopulated by the Catesby family prior to 1486 when large sheep pastures were introduced. This small extra-parochial area lies on the eastern boundary of Bishop's Itchington. It is one of several such areas in this part of the county, the others being Hodnell, Upper Radbourn, Watergill, Wills Pastures and Lower Radbourn.

Register entries must therefore be sought in adjacent parishes such as Bishop's Itchington, Ladbroke, Napton-on-the-Hill, Priors Marston, Priors Hardwick, Wormleighton, Fenny Compton, Burton Dassett and the Northamptonshire parish of Bodington.

CENSUS RETURNS: 1841.51 WAR for Radbourn, All
1851 (Hodnell) vV (RR) SoG 1851 (Upper and Lower Radbourn) vV (RR) SoG
1851 (Watergall) vV (RR) SoG

MANORIAL RECORDS: Radbourn, Court Rolls from 14th Century, Crewe collection, Argyle House, London.
Watergall, plan of the manor 1722.

OTHER SOURCES: Plan of William Palmer's estate, 1768.
Palmer, survey of estates in Ladbroke, Southam, Harbury and Chapel Ascote with plans 1775.

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