This parish is now absorbed into Stratford-upon-Avon, and is the home of J.B.Priestley. The old Norman church is now abandoned. A cottage, which was the former vicarage dates from the fourteenth century. Tiddington is a hamlet which was within the parish.

DIOCESE: Worcester. HUNDRED: Barlichway. UNION: Stratford

ADJOINING PARISHES: Hampton Lucy, Wellesbourne, Loxley, Old Stratford, Bishopton.

Parish Registers: Christenings: 1539-1946 Marriages: 1539-1948 Burials: 1539-1938. Banns 1754-1790 1874-1962

Bishop's Transcripts : Begin 1609 WOR

IGI: Christenings: 1539-1875, Marriages: 1538-1790 &1813-1876. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: Christenings: 1539-1764, Marriages: 1539-1769, Burials: 1539-1751 STR WAR
C Burials: 1539-1812 Marriages: 1539-1814 SoG
Christenings: 1539-1812 Marriages: 1539-1814 Burials: 1539-1812 Banns 1790-1810 COV

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: Old Church, Yard and Old Church Yard, New church and Yard STR
St.James.BMSGH m/fiche. WAR SoG BIR

PROBATE RECORDS: (A Peculiar of Hampton Lucy) STR (Index 1678-1795).

1851 BMSGH SI v.11 SoG BIR

INDEXES See Appendix II Burial 1750-1837
Marriage 1754-1838

MANORIAL RECORDS: 1604-1822, 1877 STR

DEEDS: Plan of Tiddington Farm Estate 1804. Various documents relating to Tiddington .

OTHER SOURCES: A History of the family of Peers of Alveston, reprint from Miscellanea Genealogia et Heraldica. 1906.
Aynge family, deeds, marriage settlements from 16th century.
Peers Family Papers 1782-1822 STR

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