Tracing Your Ancestors in Warwickshire (excluding Birmingham)

These pages are based upon the excellent book by June Watkins and Pauline Saul. Copies of the book are obtainable from specialist used book suppliers.

The information on sources available is shown parish by parish. These sources attempt to bring together in concise form the sources of information of use to the family historian whose family roots are in the county of Warwickshire, as it was prior to the major changes made in 1974 as a result of local government re-organisation (approximately 220 parishes). It does NOT include the parishes now incorporated into the City of Birmingham.

The boundaries of the county underwent a number of changes over the centuries and this is noted in the cases of parishes involved. Those which 'changed county' have been included. Exceptions are Ipsley and Tamworth which is now wholly in Staffordshire, a part of which was originally in Warwickshire, though the parish church has always been in its present county.

PARISH REGISTERS - Please note that the SOG are continually adding registers to their library. You are always advised to look at the catalogue for any parish in which you are interested.
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The brief note under each parish name is particularly intended for those unfamiliar with the county and possibly vague as to the geographical location of the parish within the county. Historical and descriptive comment has been added as a matter of interest.

Local names, especially of hamlets, townships etc. within the parish are given. Such information is useful as in census returns from 1851 the place of birth, as supplied by the informant, is sometimes that of a local hamlet rather than that of the parish of which it was a part.

Research has shown that our ancestors moved their place of abode more frequently than was originally supposed; often it might be only a few miles. Records of other parishes have, therefore, often to be searched. Adjoining parishes are listed in a clockwise direction starting with those on the northern boundary. Certain areas were known as 'extra-parochial liberties' which meant that people living in those areas might be associated with any adjacent parish

LOCAL SOCIETIES - There are a number of family and local history societies in the county which may be helpful   

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